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It’s almost a few months longer we wait the recent launch of the iPhone, the so-called fifth-generation iPhone. The longer we wait the more reports and rumors that have appeared on various websites. And does not Apple Inc issued any comments at all.

iPhone 5 fans had to wait a little longer. Until now, one thing seems certain: that October is the deadline to install a mysterious material known as “part of the Apple”, and worker training. Information taken from the records, but satisfy the curiosity of millions of people yearning for the iPhone 5.

There have been many smartphones from various companies have come out in the world market, but the iPhone launch five more and more delayed. Was this planned by Apple or the launch of iPhone 5 has many obstacles?

From this kind of internal preparation occurred several weeks before the release of a major, only takes a small step to speculate on blogs and sites that the end of October is the big reveal of the iPhone 5 expected.

October as the date count less. A certain fact: the iPhone 5 improved to make money, where the iPhone 4 failed. The Apple hopes to launch the iPhone 5 is a great success. How to comment on the iPhone 5 think? Don’t be overconfident with the rumors, we can only wait and see what happens. Please write your comments below.

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